I usually use Facebook to post my political rants (with a few personal lines in between). Y’know, quick hits. Little tidbits of info I like to throw out there.

“Tiny Bombs” as we say.

But this forum… this… living online novel is different. It’s where I get to post my thoughts… my ideas… my rants… Some are dead-on correct. Some are waaaaaay the hell off-mark. Some will even change, sway, and flip-flop in time.

But, for right now, I can indeed say this….

I am on a rollercoaster.

I don’t know if I’m going up … or going down. I will say for sure that I am moving forward. Some how. Some way. I am moving forward.

With all major life events, there comes change. Big Fucking Change.

  • There are those who I will have to say goodbye to.
  • There are those who are being “re-categorized”.
  • There are those newly joining my trip.
  • And there are those who I will hold even closer to my heart, now more than ever.

Stay tuned, because there’s more to come. And I have indeed found my outlet.