Well, we made it back home after a long, looooooong, exhausting weekend which consisted of:

  • a bonfire-sized luncheon with Tara’s friend, Sharon
  • a Hagerstown Suns ballgame, which gave Tara a great peanut story
  • 3hr harley trip (ending with a flat tire)
  • 2hr fix-it session repairing my horse trailer
  • 3hr road trip to drop off the horses in Kutztown, Pennsylvania
  • 2hr trip to visit dad, accessorize his Ultra, and watch the Nascar race at Phoenix
  • 2hr shopping trip to Best Buy and Kohl’s
  • 2hr visit to mom’s for a “steamed shrimp ‘n salad” lunch
  • 2hr long long, rainy ride home

All-in-all, we got home safe. Call it a success.

Now… when exactly do we get to relax?