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My Own Personal Assistant

As Branson and I were driving back from the Richmond NASCAR races, we got to talking about the “powerball special” (btw, that’s your to-do list when you hit Powerball). We got back to the whole idea of how I’d love to have a Personal Assistant for one year.

Now, I’m not saying that my PA has to do all of these him/herself. I just want someone to arrange it for me. I don’t expect to come outside and see him/her with a washrag In their hand – I’m not looking for slavedom. I just want to pay someone 30-40k/year to just remove the stress from my everyday “maintenance”. When you have the “powerball special” sitting in your bank/ira/retirement/cd account, you can pay someone else to:

  • pay my bills on time
  • make sure there’s food stocked In the fridge/pantry for when I want to cook
  • make sure my harley’s clean and gassed up when I ride
  • make sure our cars/trucks are clean and gassed up when we drive
  • make sure the john deere is cleaned up, blades sharpened, and gassed up
  • make sure the 4-wheeler is cleaned and gassed up
  • make travel arrangements via hotwire, etc.
  • have google map directions waiting for when we roadtrip
  • arrange for Nascar tickets from scalpers for when we arrive trackside
  • arrange for the parking for my “new” camper and rig
  • arrange for Biscuit and Ginny (and their harnesses/wagon) to be clean for parade day

… and these are just the ones off the top of my head. there are LOTS of everyday stressful things that I’d love to just take off my plate, so I can focus on the normal everyday things I’d love to do.

At this point in the game, I’d probably like to go into basic farming. If money was no issue, then, yeah, I’d love to just suit up the horses on weekends and take a wagon-full of corn, potatoes, ‘maters, lettuce, into town to sell – right off the back of a horse-drawn wagon.

How COOL would that be? I mean, why not??? How nice would it be to actually have a lifestyle that’s ACTUALLY fun and stress free?

A Successful Weekend

Well, we made it back home after a long, looooooong, exhausting weekend which consisted of:

  • a bonfire-sized luncheon with Tara’s friend, Sharon
  • a Hagerstown Suns ballgame, which gave Tara a great peanut story
  • 3hr harley trip (ending with a flat tire)
  • 2hr fix-it session repairing my horse trailer
  • 3hr road trip to drop off the horses in Kutztown, Pennsylvania
  • 2hr trip to visit dad, accessorize his Ultra, and watch the Nascar race at Phoenix
  • 2hr shopping trip to Best Buy and Kohl’s
  • 2hr visit to mom’s for a “steamed shrimp ‘n salad” lunch
  • 2hr long long, rainy ride home

All-in-all, we got home safe. Call it a success.

Now… when exactly do we get to relax?

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